…you have been amazing…

We have had a truly spectacular end to this half term… there is simply no other way to put it.

The children have left school today with the most enormous smiles on their faces, our prize winner could barely get out of the door- the box is bigger than he is nearly; the staff, although look a little disheveled, are smiling too.

Over the course of this half term we have asked you all to come along a journey with us… we have asked you all to:

be amazed… stay curious and follow your dreams… to never lose your sense of wonder…

…I don’t think you’ve disappointed us.

There’s no doubt it has been busy, exciting, tricky at times, but, as I sit here and reflect upon the past eight weeks where I have worked, laughed, splashed (and rolled down the pit heap at Weetslade), I’m very sure I wouldn’t have wanted to do any of it alongside any other community.

After the holidays we will, I’m sure, have another busy term to contend with, so, rest this week- take time to enjoy the small things, find the sense of community, enjoy each other’s company and be amazed by the world around you. We’ll see you all in a week!

#be amazed

# the world is waiting for you