Two hands

I’ve only got two hands… it’s nowhere near enough to get things ready for all things we have planned for the children next week.

Thank goodness I have the hands of so many people to help me, help you.

This week I must have asked for some help no less than 100 times from various people.. can you help me cut out the poppies? Can you help me redesign our outdoors areas? Can you help me save this picture on my computer? Can you help me sell our cookers? Can you help me decide where is best to put our new notice boards? Can you help me order the red card? Can you help me find some boxes? Can you help me think of the ideas for science day?… are just a few; in fact it’s probably more like 1000.

I should have known better; the staff and our community at Greenfields will always help if you ask…

Do you know what? Not one person replied to say that they couldn’t help me… sometimes asking for help can feel a bit daunting or perhaps it can feel like needing help is something you shouldn’t admit to. I think you have to be brave to ask for help when you need it.

This half term we’re going to be celebrating our school value:

…be brave ~ confront your fears and take a chance …mistakes are the best lessons~

We’re looking forward to this half term… just think, if we put all of our helping hands together who knows what we can achieve!


Have a good weekend everyone!