Be Amazed – Stay curious and follow your dreams. Never lose your sense of wonder.

Be Brave – Confront your fears and take a chance. Mistakes are the best lessons.

Be Original – Never stop asking questions. Seek out the answers.

Be Bold – You are capable of changing a situation. Become the explorer of tomorrow.


The Greenfields curriculum is driven by our school values. There are clear links between what we say the ambition for our children is and how we intend to achieve it. In selecting specific content,  staff celebrates and embraces the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of all the children living in this country as well as introducing them to the best that has been thought and said in the past and present. Over the course of the academic year, children will have the opportunity to explore more deeply each of our school values in a planned and progressive way.


How the Greenfields curriculum works: Our curriculum is unique to our school and our children. Our values underpin the curriculum at Greenfields which allows our children to understand in explicit detail our ambition for them; what it means to be a part of our school. Teachers use the national curriculum objectives as a starting point to design the curriculum for their year groups, all the while thinking about how best to connect different content and skills in a meaningful way. This enables teachers to use the very best examples from across each subject discipline to foster the curiosity and fire ambition within our children.

Making meaningful links: Teachers use the overarching value for that term to link children’s learning. Staff use our values as the starting point when making decisions about the lens through which very deliberate and specific content is viewed in individual subjects, ensuring that our children have the opportunity to  develop progressive knowledge, skills and behaviours, and that these assimilate over time through many different experiences and opportunities offered across school; we are building schemas.

The extended Greenfields curriculum: Across the school, from Pre-school to Year 6, embedded within the Greenfields curriculum is the understanding that ‘real life’ experiences and outdoor learning are vital to children achieving their best. Experiences and visits are planned in a progressive way across school, ensuring that there is a core offer across children’s career at Greenfields.

be amazed…

This value in our curriculum is all about fostering a sense of curiosity by introducing our children to the widest of worlds including the most spectacular that the human and natural world has to offer. In the Early Years, this begins by looking at finding wonder in the everyday; changing of the seasons, a growing plant, simple cause and effect. With our eldest children, we expose children to the finest examples of academia, the creative arts, science, sports, society and exploration; giving our children the very best and varied examples from which to aspire.

Subjects are linked in progressively and conceptually through our ‘be amazed’ value in the following way:

love, dreams, beautylove, dreams, beautylove, dreams, beautylove, dreams, beauty
passion, creativity,passion, creativitypassion, creativity
diversity, beliefdiversity, belief
equality, values

…be brave…

This value in our curriculum is to instil in our children the confidence to take a chance. Our children know that making mistakes are fundamental to learning. Resilience is not taught; it is a retrospective skill that is developed over time. Our curriculum gives our children the opportunity to build resilience by being confident to take the first step. In the Early Years, this begins by being willing to have a go at something new. In our eldest children, we prepare our children for the pressures of life beyond our school, both academic, social and personal, equipping them with skills to become strong and mentally healthy young adults with high self-esteem.

Subjects are linked progressively and conceptually through our ‘be brave’ value in the following way:

empathy, fearsempathy, fearsempathy, fearsempathy, fears
consequence, mistake, strengthconsequence, mistake, strengthconsequence, mistake, strength
power, conflictpower, conflict
adversity, protest

be original…

This value in our curriculum is all about fostering our children to be questioning and evaluative of all they see and hear. Our children are encouraged to think originally about what they have learnt and how to apply their learning between different situations. In the Early Years, this begins by establishing a voice for children who feel undaunted by sharing what they know, as only by developing what you know can you begin to question. In our eldest children, we look for opportunities to think of solutions that might not always be obvious; being selective and having the skills to prioritise information so that they can be effective in their efforts.

Subjects are linked progressively and conceptually through our ‘be original’ value in the following way:

change, identitychange, identitychange, identitychange, identity
individuality, freedomindividuality, freedomindividuality, freedom
wisdom, reformwisdom, reform
morality, truth, faith

…be bold…

This value in our curriculum encourages the skills of reflection to ensure children understand how they have gained the knowledge they have. Our children know that their learning is not defined by content but by developing the skill of using what they know. It is a combination of confidence and caution in the right measures and at the right time. In the Early Years, this begins by children initiating their own learning. In our eldest children, it is developing subtlety in their opinions and thoughts; understanding that others may hold different viewpoints, but that they are able to act with respect and tolerance.

Subjects are linked progressively and conceptually through our ‘be bold’ value in the following way:

choice, responsibilitychoice, responsibilitychoice, responsibilitychoice, responsibility
fairness, loyaltyfairness, loyaltyfairness, loyalty
influence, democracyinfluence, democracy
justice, opportunity

Across the school year, we have grouped together subjects that form the focus for the term or half term. We know that by giving children the time to immerse themselves in a subject in an experiential way which allows them to make purposeful connections and associations with prior knowledge, allows them to learn better. In essence, children who are given the opportunity to live and breath a subject as they are learning it,  remember more. The children are given the opportunity to consolidate their learning over multiple sessions, rather than concentrating the same amount of practice into one session. We ensure that children are given the opportunity to recall information from previous lessons, previous weeks and terms, all  which together helps to support rich, deep learning embedded with a child’s longer term memory.

…be amazed…be brave…be original…be bold
FOCUS SUBJECTS ~ Art & GeographyFOCUS SUBJECTS ~ History, D&T & MusicFOCUS SUBJECTS ~ Geography & ArtFOCUS SUBJECTS ~ History, D&T & Music
ONGOING SUBJECTS ~ English, Maths, Science, PSHE & RSE, MfL, RE, PE, ComputingONGOING SUBJECTS ~ English, Maths, Science, PSHE & RSE, MfL, RE, PE, ComputingONGOING SUBJECTS ~ English, Maths, Science, PSHE & RSE, MfL, RE, PE, ComputingONGOING SUBJECTS ~ English, Maths, Science, PSHE & RSE, MfL, RE, PE, Computing


The expectation of the Greenfields curriculum: The content of the Greenfields curriculum is rooted in the National Curriculum. By the time children reach the end of each year group, our children will have developed a rich body of knowledge in all subjects and had the opportunity to practise skills that will enable them to enter the next stage of their education successfully. It is our expectation that children will have broad and wide ranging knowledge, understanding and examples from which to begin to form opinions about their preferences and aspirations into adulthood. It is our fierce determination that regardless of a child’s background, they will have had the same opportunities and exposed to the best examples from all subject disciplines, capturing their desire to continue learning as they become adults.

All learning leads towards an end point. The Greenfields curriculum has been designed both to offer progression from year to year, but also across a year. The content of each subject has been deliberately ordered to best support children’s understanding. We are currently developing robust assessment to ensure that staff have confidence in making judgements about attainment and progress across the foundation subjects.

Leadership of our curriculum is disseminated to staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. We are incredibly self reflective and critical in our own practice. We know that robust evaluation of our provision enables us to improve outcomes for our children.