“…stop kicking that ball in the sitting room!…”

Look at these staff… who are now officially experts at blowing up a penny floater. After all, this week they have blown up 200.

We know that getting the learning right for all children in ‘ordinary circumstances’ is always a priority, but it feels especially important that we are enabling you to manage the consistency of your children’s learning whilst they are working at home.  Your feedback has been invaluable in ensuring we’re getting the remote curriculum right for you all whether that means talking you through zoom, loaning devices, printing paper packs…Or delivering you a penny floater!

We have been thinking originally this week; I hope that the children enjoy their extra sessions this week- I know that our specialist coaches have been working hard to design sessions that will further build on the work completed in school before Christmas. The response to our request for support from the wider community with this was humbling. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend- get out in the fresh air where and when you can!