Welcome to our Reception Provision

At Greenfields we are very lucky to have a vast open provision. Our children enjoy learning both indoors and outdoors through our freeflow provision enabling our children to become the explorers of their own learning.

The children take part in ‘plan, do, review’. This process is used throughout our Early Years and by Reception this helps ensure play becomes more purposeful and focused. Allowing the children the chance to review their learning, ensures we help the children take pride in their achievements, raising their self confidence, self esteem and in turn their self belief by providing the time to talk in a small group and acknowledge what they have done, providing continuous positive reinforcement.

Reading in Reception

We also encourage our children to read throughout our provision inside and outside, during their child initiated time. All staff at Greenfields recognise the importance of reading and we use every opportunity to read and enjoy stories, poems and non- fiction texts with the children. We want all of our children to learn to read so that they can read to learn.

We have developed a reading spine with books that we want your children to enjoy, learn and retell as they move through our school. These are the books that we read time after time, allowing the children to be immersed in reading.

Phonics and Writing

At Greenfields we recognise the importance of developing early reading skills. We teach the children using Read Write Inc in a daily phonics session.

Our youngest children have daily immersion in phase 1 to develop core pre-reading skills. This allows the children when they begin learning sounds to work through each sound systematically and at pace.

Phonics teaches the children to read accurately, fluently and develop good comprehension skills.

In Reception, reading books are sent home weekly, and these match the children’s phonetic knowledge, allowing them to apply skills of decoding and blending as they become more confident in their reading.

Outdoor Learning

Within our extensive ground at Greenfields, we have our very own Forest. Not only do all our children from Early Years to Year 6, have one afternoon per week, throughout the school, of dedicated time for outdoor learning, they also have access to a block of sessions at Forest School, led by a trained professional.

The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through an innovative, long term, educational approach to outdoor play and learning in a woodland environment. Our children learn real life skills such as how to manage risk, problem solve and collaborate with others whilst taking apart in a range of activities including; using tools, climbing trees, cooking on a campfire and building dens.

Trips and Celebrations of Learning

Linking with our values, all of our children go on four trips each year. Our visits are carefully planned to ensure our children see the very best our local area has to offer. When we are able to take the children on trips in line with government regulations, parents are always welcome to join us. 

Each term we invite parents and carers into school as we hold a celebration of the children’s learning. We really value the role parents and carers play in their children’s education and we want to showcase your child’s learning with you. This is a fun occasion to become immersed in our learning and take part in a range of opportunities alongside your child.

Express yourself day.

Superhero and Princess day.

Ready For The World

Each week all children take part in ‘Ready for the World’ sessions. In these sessions children learn about famous people who link to our school values. With our youngest children we link these people to local people who have done truly amazing, brave, old or original things. For example; inventors such as George and Robert Stephenson and the story of Grace Darling who showed courage and bravery in her quest to save those at risk.

Community Links

It is important to us that your child has a sense of belonging within their local area. We have been working hard to develop strong links within our local community to give your children a sense of pride.

Our values and curriculum inspire the children to learn about local geography and history in a carefully planned, sequential curriculum. As your local community school throughout the pandemic we have worked tirelessly to bring together our community.

We want our children to be proud of where they come from and as they grow into our next generation, understand that with change comes effects, with rights comes responsibility and that the world is waiting for them.

The Tree of Remembrance, created by pupils and residents of the community.
A poppy for every child and our Greenfields Community.
Our beautiful Christmas tree and lights, donated by the local community.

Communication With Parents and Carers

Your child will get up to some truly amazing things, each and every day they attend Reception. Don’t just take our word for it.

As part of our daily communication with parents we use Twitter and Seesaw.

Seesaw is an app which allows parents/ carers to see photos and videos of their children. It allows our teachers to share your child’s learning and development on a personal level and share real WOW moments during the day.

Flexible Childcare

We recognise that some parents need flexible childcare to enable them to work. At Greenfields, we are proud to be able to offer flexible childcare to suit your needs. All childcare is booked for and paid for in advance of the half term. The school office can help with an installment plan. 

For children in our two, three or four year old provision, childcare is located in the Forest Den.

For children Reception to Year 6, childcare is through our Stepping Stones provision located within the main school building.

We are also developing good learning habits. You can see our Early Years Learning Habits here:

You can also visit the Reception Twitter page: @GCPSReception