Welcome to class 6EE!

Miss Evans teaches in Year 6.  If you have any questions or you would like to talk to her about anything, she is on the KS2 playground before and after school every day.

We also celebrate our hard work on ‘Twitter’, where parents and carers receive updates on our learning and exciting things happening in class.

In Year 5, we also try hard to develop good learning behaviours. You can see our Year 5 Ready for the World statements here:

Ready for the world in Year  5
…be amazed…be brave…be original…be bold
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Discusses and debates issues until a sensible compromise is reached.Accepts constructive criticism from others in a group to enable improvement in performance.Motivates others to contribute more effectively.Knows the difference between sensible and fool-hardy risks.

Please visit our Twitter page @GCPSyear5 to follow our regular updates of the children’s learning and important information.

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