Policy for the Use of Mobile Phones & Other Smart Devices in School

* All references to mobile phone, also refer to any other SMART devices

ADULTS – As with all visitors, for Safeguarding reasons, parents/carers are required to switch off their mobile phones* on arrival. Visitors must not use their mobile phones whilst in school, unless they receive permission beforehand from a member of the Senior Management Team.

Adults either in school, or accompanying pupils on school trips, should not use their mobile phone* cameras to take photographs unless given specific permission to do so by a member of school staff, e.g. at an event such as a Star Achievers’ assembly and any photographs must only be of their own child.

School accepts no responsibility for any items that are lost or stolen on the premises.

PUPILS – For Safeguarding reasons, pupils are not allowed to have their mobile phones or any other ‘SMART’ device with them at school. Should parents/carers need to contact their child or vice versa during the school day, this should always be done via the school office.

If parents/carers have decided that a pupil needs their phone* for the journey to and from school, at the start of the day it must be placed in the padded envelope provided by school (which must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and class) then handed in to a member of staff and collected at the end of the day.

Parents/carers should be aware that the school accepts no liability for the loss or damage to any mobile phones or any other ‘SMART’ device, which are brought onto the school grounds, therefore they should make their own arrangements if they require insurance protection.

If a pupil is found by a member of staff to be using a mobile phone* at school, it will be confiscated from the pupil and handed to a member of staff, who will store it safely until the pupil collects it at the end of the school day. Should a pupil be found to be using a mobile phone* again or inappropriately, then it will be confiscated and a member of the Senior Management Team will contact a parent/carer to collect the phone from school.

The school reserves the right to say that a pupil will no longer be able to bring a mobile phone* into school.