As I was walking down the corridor this morning I was chatting to Mrs Malone; she said to me, “did you see those beautiful cobwebs as you came down the drive?” I hadn’t. It was a beautiful morning this morning, Autumn is definitely on it’s way and the cobwebs on our fences were drenched in dew.

I hadn’t seen them because my mind was busy thinking about the things that needed doing today- making sure that the letters that needed to go out to parents and carers went out, wondering what the localised lockdown measures would mean for our families and thinking about remote education options, to name a few. I wish I had seen them.

Amidst the new regulations we are all grappling with at the moment, I hope you find some time to “wonder at the small things” this weekend with your family. This term we are using our “…be amazed – stay curious and follow your dreams- never lose your sense of wonder…” value as the focus of our curriculum; all of our children have been exploring the outdoors and marveling at what could be seen as the everyday. I’m going to spend this weekend being amazed and wondering at the small things– I hope you all find the time to, too.