…sweet treats to help you dig deep…

This half term our school value focus is …be brave… the footsteps of our logo represent the confidence to take a chance and our children know that making mistakes are fundamental to learning.

The thing about being brave however, is that it can be tiring to be brave all the time.

The staff at Greenfields are working really hard to try and keep some normality for our children in these strange times, but this takes real resilience to keep going. Central to our curriculum at Greenfields is giving opportunity to build resilience over time, as adults we know that the world in which we are all living in at the moment is showing us how important resilience is.

If you were to ask the staff, I don’t think they would see it this way… I think that our family learning task this week would help to explain why…

When people are protecting something truly special to them, they become as strong as they can be.

The Greenfields children and community are truly special to all of the staff here; it’s you that allows them to be strong and resilient.

…sometimes a doughnut can help too! (I didn’t eat them all!)

Have a great weekend everyone!