Sneak peek!

As so many of you haven’t been able to come in the school grounds for such a long time, I thought you might like to see a sneaky peek of one of our lovely new signs, complete with the fantastic new logo you helped to design. Don’t they look smart!

Our new logo will remind us what it means to be part of the Greenfields Community- a very exclusive group of very special people.

~ stay curious and follow your dreams… never lose your sense of wonder~

Shown by the light-bulb; this will remind you to never stop having those ‘light-bulb’ moments. The world is a fascinating place and we never want to you to stop being amazed by it.

~ confront your fears and take a chance… mistakes are the best lessons~

Shown by the footsteps; this will remind you to be brave in your choices. You have to make a mistake sometimes to know how to make things right next time.

~ never stop asking questions… seek out the answers ~

Shown by the hands; this will remind you to question everything. We want you to be hungry for knowledge.

~ you are capable of changing a situation… become the explorer of tomorrow~

Shown by the mountain; this will remind you never to settle for your situation. Be courageous in the ambition you have for yourself.

Mrs Dobson