…we did it!

Well… that’s a way to start a term isn’t it?

The picture above is our car park today; there will be some people out there that believe our school is ‘closed’. Believe me, we have never been more active, dynamic and ready to face a challenge. I have nothing but admiration for our Greenfields staff this week, they’ve taken absolutely everything in their stride, with a smile and fresh and creative approach to finding a solution. They should be applauded for their efforts, their empathy and their dedication to the children and families in our community.

The speed at which you at home have adapted to this new, ‘new’ normal is to be commended. I don’t think it will ever go without saying to you all, how grateful our staff are for your patience and support whilst we have navigated the ever changing landscape this week. We have received a multitude of messages of thanks from parents and carers which I have shared with staff; I know that it means an awful lot to them, so thank you.

The school value we are focusing on this term is…

be original ~ never stop asking questions ~ seek out the answers~

…and my goodness me, haven’t we all had to think originally this week!

You have had so much to take in this week, make sure you find the time for some recuperation over the weekend. Spend real-life time with the ones you love… without a zoom in sight!

Have a great weekend everyone!