Boring. That’s one word you would definitely not use to describe school life this week. Life in school generally is a constant shifting of sands, which, in the most part is exciting, exhilarating even; not knowing what each day will bring. Some days however, you do need to dig down deep, suck in a breath and meet the challenges head on. We’ve had a few days like that this week as have so many of you I know. 

I know that for many of our families, it’s getting hard to meet the challenges that are coming your way at the moment… but…

You can meet them, and you are meeting them. You’re doing a great job; but make no mistake we’re here if you need us. 

Both you and we are craving just a little bit of ‘normality’- the staff at Greenfields are working tirelessly to give the children a taste of a normal start to the Christmas festivities; I’m proud to work alongside them. I am in awe at their enthusiasm and their ability to ‘dig deep’ when they need to.

We talk a lot about building resilience in school and about how we want to build this in our children. However, the key to resilience is, not how you meet the challenge, but how quickly you are able to recover from difficulties-  your elasticity. 

So, in short, don’t worry if it feels hard to dig deep at the moment, it is hard. Be kind to yourself. What’s important is bouncing back into shape. We’ve got an exciting 3 weeks ahead of us all… come on, and let’s bounce as a community together.

Happy bouncing everyone!