Follow in our footsteps…

We have finally made it! I think, as would many of our staff agree, this has been one of the most extraordinary terms for us all. Both the staff and children are ready for the holidays; they’ve met the challenges we’ve faced together head on.. you too deserve a rest.   
This half term we asked you to follow in our footsteps, to:

be brave

…confront your fears and take a chance….mistakes are the best lessons…

I think the children are emerging from this term braver and much more like the children we sadly had to say goodbye to in March. They are getting their confidence back, they’re speaking up, they’re finding the resilience to confront those fears. For parents and carers too, your unwavering support, your kind words makes our job all that little bit easier; I know the staff are truly grateful for the support you have shown us, so thank you. 
Next term we’ll move on to focus on our next school value… but for now, take a moment to reflect on how brave we’ve all been this term- I think we all deserve a pat on the back, don’t you? 

So all that is left to say, is that we wish all of our friends, families, children, staff and our wider community a very special, safe and happy Christmas. We can’t wait to see you all again in the New Year.

Mrs Dobson