Where’s Mr Corlett?

Welcome to the first blog from the governing board at Greenfields.  It is intended that it will be a regular feature and a way for us to communicate with our wider community.  The Governance Impact Statement gives information on the makeup of the board, so I won’t repeat that information.  However, I can let you know that we currently have vacancies on the board for two co-opted governors.  If you think that you may be interested in joining us, please contact the school office and we’ll let you know what to do next.

It’s been quite a half-term, to say the least.  It would have been exciting enough for us anyway, as we were welcoming Mrs Dobson as our new Headteacher.  The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and restrictions has given us very early evidence that we made absolutely the right decision when we appointed her.  Mrs Dobson has done (and continues to do) a tremendous job and is fully supported by her committed, talented, caring staff.  We have a team, across all areas of the school, of whom we can be very proud.  I’m sure you join me in recognising the work they all do, in these unprecedented times.

I’d also like to thank our pupils and their parents/carers for the way in which they have enabled school to get back to doing what it does best – providing great learning opportunities, experiences and outcomes.  Your patience when we have had to change things; when we have had to ask people to isolate; and in helping us to keep people safe has been very much appreciated.  Thank you.

I suppose it is natural that the bulk of this first blog has been dominated by Covid-19 but I hope that future ones will be more about ‘normal’ school life – whatever that is……. I’ll finish by congratulating everyone for the terrific amount of money raised on the series of sponsored walks.  It demonstrates the generous spirit of the community we serve.

A bit of fun to conclude – a sort of historic ‘Where’s Wally’. Your chair of governors is in this photo from the early 1970s.  Can you see where?