Getting ready for school – September 2020

Tomorrow, school will be buzzing with school staff preparing to welcome you all back to school on Thursday. Throughout the summer we have been incredibly busy getting things ready for you all; now it’s time for the final touches.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who have used our dedicated email address: as this helps us to ensure that we can deal with any questions you have as soon as you have them.

Don’t forget, that all the timetables for each class are on our website here for you to download, together with the map of the school so that you know which entrance you need to come to on Thursday. If you’re still not sure, please so get in touch, we will be happy to help.

Returning to school after such a long time fills us all with a few butterflies; I know that some of you will feel daunted about your children returning to school on Thursday- to allow you to see first hand your child’s classroom, we will be uploading videos this week so that you can talk through the adaptations with your children and also reassure yourself of the infection control measures in school by seeing them.

I will update you later this week on the progress with our new gate- I’m hoping that it will be ready for us to use on Thursday.

I’ll leave you for this evening with a quote from C.S Lewis- never a truer word written! I’m excited for Thursday… I hope you all are too!

Mrs Dobson