…lean on us…

This week has felt harder than many so far this term- maybe it’s just because it’s the last week of January and the weather has taken a turn for the drizzly. When you’re working in a school or you have children at home, we often put on a brave face but, as the song goes… “…we all need someone to lean on…”

I know the news this week that schools are going to remain closed for longer than we first thought has caused us all to take a deep breath. Parents, children and school staff alike are finding the resilience to keep that brave face in a way we never thought we would ever have to, but it‘s hard, because it is hard.

In school we’re leaning on each other because we need to- I don’t think I’ve ever felt prouder to be part of something as I do right now. I know there are lots and lots of you who feel the same too; there is enormous comfort in knowing that you are part of a bigger team.

So, in short our message to you is this… you can lean on us if you need to.

It might be in a practical way; you might need us to actually do something for you, so ask us. It might be that you just need someone to listen- I know those of you who have taken a phone call from Mrs Allan of late will vouch for her listening ears. It might just be that you need  a distraction to break up the ‘sameness’ of every day at the moment -it’s funny how something as simple as dressing up as a princess or a superhero can provide some much needed distraction for us all. There was something very emotional but uplifting about watching the children walk into school today with enormous smiles, costumes looking fantastic as if we were living in ‘normal’ times.

 So as we end this week and begin the next, please, lean on us if you need it… we’ll be here.