..just the right thing at the right time…

Today marks the end of our 6th week in school… I think! It’s been a quick week I think. Quick, because there is always so many things going on in school; it’s such a busy place.

At the end of each week there we hold our staff briefing to make sure everyone is up to speed for the week ahead- there is usually lots to plan and prepare for. Tonight was no different. However, our Greenfields staff looked a little weary this evening- they are working so hard- they make me proud every day…. it was a good job that Mrs Cockman had a chocolate or two to hand out to those who needed a boost! It was just what the Dr ordered, a kind gesture; just the right thing at the right time.

I must confess our children too are beginning to look a little weary; coming back to full-time school has been a shock to they system for us all a bit. But, as I have been working in my office over the past week I have seen children offering kind gestures to one another every day. Holding a door, smiling together, playing and laughing and supporting each other. It’s clear that they have missed each other’s company whilst we were all apart.

It doesn’t have to be the grand displays of gratitude that make the difference to people, just a kind word and a friendly smile is enough- just the right thing at the right time. We have asked families this weekend to tell us something about the amazing people they have in their lives- a kind word, a happy thought… I look forward to reading them. I’ll leave you with this one…

“Well done to the amazing children, staff and families at Greenfields. We’ve achieved such a lot in these six weeks, and although you may be weary, let’s work together to help each other make the last two weeks as good as the first two. We are a special community and one I feel very privileged to be a part of.”

Have a good weekend everyone!