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Welcome back everyone!

We have had a fantastic first week back, made all the easier thanks to our parents and carers showing us such support; together we make a great team!
Mrs Ele Dobson- Headteacher

Welcome back!

It has been so lovely to see our classrooms with children in and hear voices in our play yards this week. The children have coped extraordinarily well ensuring they keep to the right doors, washing their hands and looking after one another.

Each week we will be looking at one stage of school and sharing with you some of the great work they have been completing- this week is the turn of our EYFS and KS1 classes.

Update to behaviour policy

Your child may have come home this week and told you that the way we are rewarding behaviour is a little bit different. Following school closure in March, it is widely recognised that children need to return to a consistent behaviour routine.
We believe that everybody has rights; a choice to form your own opinions and an entitlement to certain things. We must be aware of our responsibilities that allow us all to enjoy our rights equally; with rights comes responsibility.

The rights the children at Greenfields have:
Everybody has the right to learn.
All children at Greenfields have the right to learn in a safe and respectful environment, where their thoughts and opinions are heard and valued.

Everybody has the right to learn from a mistake.
All children at Greenfields are given the chance to learn from a mistake in a safe and supported environment by taking responsibility for it and putting things right

The responsibilities the children at Greenfields have:
Listen carefully and do as you have been asked.
Make good choices.

Today your child will be bringing home a leaflet which explains our updated policy to you.

Keeping our community safe

The children have adopted the infection control measures in school with remarkable resilience. Please help us to keep everyone safe by following the guidelines we sent out at the beginning of the school term:
~ use the pedestrian gates for accessing school and the vehicle gates for leaving the site
~ make sure that you are on time for your class bubble
~ you keep to social distancing guidance of 2m where possible
~ you do not gather at the school gates; we must be mindful of our local residents. This also includes thinking carefully about where we are parking in the local area.

Thank you
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In Nursery this week we found out about a baby toad. We walked about the difference between frogs and toads. We talked about where we should put the toad back to keep it safe. It got us thinking about the different creatures we could find in our environment.


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We've been learning about the four seasons. We found it fascinating to see how the earth tilts on its axis. We used a torch to explore how daylight hours change.

Information for Year 6

Please see the link below to information about the Year 6 opening evening event at North Gosforth Academy.

Next week you will be receiving information about applying for High School. You can apply online at www.northtyneside.gov.uk
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...be amazed...

This half term our curriculum focus is linked to our ...be amazed value. Teachers have been planning learning for the children which builds the children's curiosity and makes them wonder.

~stay curious and follow your dream...never lose your sense of wonder~

Reading recommendation

Mrs Robertson our Deputy Headteacher has done our reading recommendation for this week.
" I love this book because it tells an amazing story of an amazing explorer venturing to one of the most amazing parts of the world."

School meals

From Monday, there will now also be a sandwich choice as well as hot meal option for children having a school lunch.

As you will know from our opening plan, children are now eating their lunch in their classes.

In school currently we have children who have severe allergies to the following items:
-legumes (lentils, kidney beans etc)
Please can you consider this when packing your child's lunch.

We are a nut free site.


We have had so much fun this week! This is a picture made from our outdoor learning session, making animals using natural materials.
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We have been learning about the amazing physical features of our world in Geography including mountains, lakes, islands, valleys.


Please don't forget to send back to school the forms sent out this week. It's important that we have up to date and working contact information for you.
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