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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be original, be brave and be bold.

Mrs Ele Dobson- Headteacher

Welcome Back!

It is with great pleasure I welcome you back to a new half term - I hope that you all enjoyed the break away from school, but also the laptops too!

We will be welcoming all children back to school on 8th March.

Take a look at the fabulous work from our home and school learners who have worked so tirelessly through this period.
We will be sending out some updated guidance next week, just remind you of the infection control measures already in place and to share with you an updated timetable for PE and outdoor learning. All parents and carers should have received a visual timetable to support those children who may feel anxious about returning to school. We hope you have found this useful.

Please see the showcase of the work the children have produced both at school and at home.

Well done to you all!

This week in Reception we have been learning about 3D shapes. Now we can recognise 3D shapes around us and name them too! We loved finding 3D shapes in our homes and in the classroom.
3d shapes in reception
3 d shapes in recpetion2
We’ve been working on fine motor skills a lot in nursery. We have been trying to use one hand when we use scissors and looking at how to hold a pencil correctly. Some of us have even been able to write our names this week.
nursery cutting
nursery cutting 1
great wall y6
In Geography, we have been studying world superpowers and identifying what aspects of the country's geography facilitated its rise to a world superpower. This week we have been looking at the country of China and how the Great Wall affected how powerful the country became. This piece of work is a fact file that the children created after researching why the wall was originally built. (This is the piece of work from the children in school).

In R.E. we have been studying the religion of Islam and we have recently learned a lot about some Islamic communities in Newcastle and how they have supported communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we found out all about the Islamic Creation story and created comic strips to retell the story in our own words. This is going to help us make comparisons between what different religions believe about Creation.
Creation y6
This a piece of character inference based on The Matchbox Diary - we looked at the scene where the family are leaving their village in Italy to emigrate to America. We discussed what the grandmother might be thinking, what she might have said and how she may have felt watching her family go, knowing that she would probably never see them again.
y5 english
Y5 rainforest
We have been making lift-the-flap posters to explain how plants have adapted for survival in the rain forest.
Year 1 have been looking at poems that show things you would see in Spring time.
y1 trees
Y1 trees2
This week year 4 have read the book Arthur and the Golden Rope. We started by making predictions and creating character descriptions. In school we used thesauruses to improved the vocabulary we used and we made a vocabulary list on google classroom. We ended the week by writing a diary entry in the first person and summarised the events in the whole story. We then read the diary entry to the class.
Y4 writing
Y4 writing 1
Y4 writing 2
making predictions
Year 2 have been making predictions in their English lessons.
Ye 3
In Year 3 we read a piece of text and talked about it and then used our imagination to create what we thought the Iron Man would look like.
Y3 21
Greenfields icon1
great minds

...be original...

“ ..Great minds think differently..."

This week our family challenge focus is to tell us about something that you have had to think differently about and as a result found a solution.

You can share your stories with us via our social media platforms and via google classroom or seesaw.

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~ never stop asking questions...seek out the answers ~
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Reading recommendation

"What do you do with an idea?" by Kobi Yamada

This is the story of one brilliant idea and the child who helps to bring it into the world. As the child's confidence grows, so does the idea itself. And then, one day, something amazing happens...


Pebble trail

Ready to welcome you all back on the 8th is the most beautiful display of your pebbles down the drive. They looked fabulous in the Spring sunshine. Can you see yours?


Reminders for families


We have set up year group email addresses if you need to speak directly with your child's teacher.

Please can parents and carers avoid using teacher's personal school email addresses. These emails are accessible to staff usually on their personal devices which means that they pick them up over the weekend and times when they are not at work. I'm sure you all support me in wanting our staff to have sufficient space away from work to recharge their batteries so that they are at their best at the start of each day and each week.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

The Virtual Yard

We are aware that we have and continue to send out a lot of information. As busy families it can be hard to find in the information to refer to especially, if it is within an email. We have set up the ‘virtual yard’ which is a Google classroom space where all the information sent to parents is held. We hope that this is helpful to you. To join the yard please either click the link below, or use the code:




Training Day for staff

Friday March 26th is a staff training day. School will be closed to all children on this day.

...be original...

Greenfields icon1
This term the school value we will be focusing on is...

...be original..

~ never stop asking questions...seek out the answers ~

Be original is shown by the hands on our logo; they represent the importance of fostering our children to be questioning and evaluative of all they see and hear. This term you will see that children are encouraged to think originally about what they have learnt, develop an insatiable hunger for knowledge and question everything.


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progress meetings
Parents’ Progress Meetings will take place on the week beginning 22nd March. Later this term we will send you some information about how we will contact you for these meetings.

World book Day

You may be aware that World book Day is due to take place on 4th March this year. In light of the government’s announcement, we have decided to postpone our World Book Day celebrations to the following week so that we can celebrate it altogether in school.

This means that the week beginning 8th March will be our World Book Day celebrations culminating in a World Book Day dress up on 12th March where children can come into school dressed as their favourite book character.

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