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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be original, be brave and be bold.

Mrs Ele Dobson- Headteacher

A Centre of Excellence for Inclusion for a second year!

This week staff were working hard in preparation for our Inclusion Quality Mark- Centre of Excellence assessment. This is the second year in a row we have been awarded this coveted title and demonstrates our commitment to inclusive practice and culture in school.

During our IQM assessment, our assessor commented that it is clear that inclusive practice is at the heart of everything we do at Greenfields and that the support we offer our children and families is outstanding.

Well done staff and children, we knew that you were excellent already, but sometimes it is nice to hear it from someone else too!

Wideopen Nativity Trail

Children from across the school have been busy this week designing, creating and building their fabulous art installations which will be appearing around Wideopen this Christmas holiday. Together with Reverend Pearson and St. Columba's Church, the children thought really carefully about how to depict the stations of the nativity whilst also fulfilling the brief of a weatherproof art installation that could last a fortnight.

It is important to us here at Greenfields that children are given the opportunity to learn through first hand experience. What better way to inspire the next generation of artists and designers by having your work displayed for your local community to cherish.

Before the end of term we will be sharing with you the route of the trail so that you can complete it over the holidays with your families.
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Greenfields Sponsored Reading Challenge

reading 2
With our sponsored read now officially finished, we wanted to share with you the fantastic achievement of all the children.

We spent 7 days reading as much as we possibly could. Any reading counted - magazines, newspapers, books, graphic novels. We raised a huge amount - £758 which meant we were entitled to 60% extra from Usborne leaving us with £1212 to spend on free books. The money is going to shared between the year groups so everyone will get something new and exciting for their class library.

A child from each class was given a prize from the box for the most minutes read. A special well done to Millie in Year 6 who read for almost 24 hours over the 7 days!

Thank you GCPS Community

Year 1
An enormous thank you to Dan from XL creative Media for your support in making the most special of Christmas traditions a reality here at Greenfields. We all know that Christmas at school is a bit different this year, but for those parents who have been waiting patiently for their child's first nativity, thanks to the support from our local community we can make it happen.

You won't have failed to notice the beautiful Christmas tree that is standing outside our school. It was donated to us by Broomhall Farm Christmas Trees in Callerton, after a lot of searching by our very hardworking volunteer parents. It really adds that special Christmas magic as you come into school.
Christmas tree
The children in Year 6 were so grateful, that they wanted to send a letter of thanks to Broomhall Farm to show their appreciation. Well done Year 6 - what role models!



Special treat for all children
Wednesday 9th December 2020- we can't tell you anything more than that! Children are in school uniform.

Christmas Dinner

Friday 11th December - Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper Day. Children are allowed to wear Christmas jumpers on this day.

Class Outdoor Carols
Week beginning 14th December 2020- Community carols on location in Wideopen. Class timetable to follow.
Children are allowed to wear Christmas accessories on this day.

Last day of term carols
Friday 18th December - whole school carols on the yard. Children are in school uniform.

Nativity Trail around Wideopen with St Columba's Church
From Saturday 19th December 2020

We return to school on Monday 4th January 2021

Muddy Bairns

muddy Bairns logo
We have had lots of interest in our new Muddy Bairns provision so please don't leave it too late to get in touch to secure additional sessions.

Muddy Bairns will be offering both funded and paid for nursery and childcare places for children who are 2, 3 and 4 years old through the introduction of our unique outdoor nursery provision held here at Greenfields.

Muddy Bairns

...where the mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime...


Ready for the World


This week we say a very big well done to the following children who have earned themselves a Ready for the World award. The children who gain these awards have demonstrated outstanding learning behaviours.

Hannah in Year 6 for ~ being brave ~ in English
Archie in Year 6 for ~ being original ~ in History
Caiden in Year 5 for ~ being brave ~ in PE
Nicole in year 5 for ~ being brave ~ in History
Elliott in year 5 for ~ being brave ~ in History
Marley in year 5 for ~ being brave ~ in History

Congratulations! We are very proud of you!
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ay may i play
This week, the children in Reception were very brave during RWI. We have been learning the digraphs 'ay' and 'ee' this week and the children were able to apply this knowledge to write words with these digraphs in. Then they were challenged to write a sentence, which they could do with confidence!
This week we have been looking at all the numbers we have learnt so far. The children did a great job of ordering numbers 1-10 and then making the amounts to match. Once they had done this, they were challenged to keep adding numbers to the number line. The children showed great resilience and got to number 15! Well done Reception!
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...be brave...

“...when everything seems dark, consider...you may be the light...”
This week we would like you to tell us about someone special who brings light to your life. It may be someone you see every day, or it could be someone who you haven't seen for a long time. Share with us why they are so special and what they do that makes them your shining light.
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~ confront your fears and take a chance… mistakes are the best lessons ~
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hopes 2

Reading recommendation

Mrs Blake is recommending "The Book of Hopes" by Katherine Rundell.
This is a collection of short stories, poems and quotes by children's authors to remind us all to keep hope close to our hearts.

REMINDER Communication

Ways to contact us at school:

Telephone:0191 643 2801

Telephone for absence: 0191 643 2801 - Please press 1 for the absence line, when prompted

If your child or a member of their household develops symptoms of COVID19 or you have received your test result, please use the email:

Office email for copies of letters or emails that you may have missed or general information about your child’s class:

parentsandcarers@ greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
This email is monitored by a member of the Senior Management Team. Please use this if you have a question or query which is specific to your child. We can then direct your query to the right person within school.

I’m always keen to hear any suggestions or comments about school, so that we can work in the best interests for all the children at Greenfields.

Please do not contact us via the gateway app as this is not monitored and we might not get to your query as quickly as you would like.

Information for Parents


Please can you help us keep your children safe whilst on our school site by observing the following guidelines:

~ please can you ensure that you are maintaining social distance whilst on our site when collecting and dropping off your children as we continue to work hard to keep everyone safe in their bubble groups.


Please can you park respectfully whilst on our site. Parents and carers should not park on the hatched areas or on the double yellow lines. If you are asked to move please speak to our staff respectfully they are there to maintain the safety of all of our children.
We are now looking into limiting the times we allow vehicular access to our site.

Children marked as absent

We have had some parents get in touch with us to ask why their child appears as an 'N' on the school gateway app.

An 'N' indicates that the absent has not been reviewed by our school staff, we know that you have rung into school and we have recorded your reason for absence. You do not need to contact school again.

If you have any questions regarding your child's attendance, please contact Mrs Cockman who will be happy to help.

Have you signed up yet?

If you are doing your shopping online this year can you help us by shopping through The Giving Machine?

We have signed our school up to the charity The Giving Machine which allows you to raise free donations every time you shop online with over 2,000 retailers (including Amazon) by going through The Giving Machine website... there's no catch, it really is that simple.

Set up a Giver account on The Giving Machine and then just visit The Giving Machine website, desktop reminder or mobile app and click on the retailer link you want to shop at. Purchases generate a donation which will show on your account summary once processed by our Machine.
Click on this link to take you directly to our charity page:


Thank you!

Christmas Presents

We have had some parents ask about whether we will be accepting presents this year. This is year has been a very difficult time for all of us, so please, do not buy gifts for staff.

Thank you
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