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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be original, be brave and be bold.

Mrs Ele Dobson- Headteacher

Remote Learning at Greenfields

The remote education at Greenfields is aligned to the classroom curriculum as much as possible, and, just like our classroom curriculum, it is carefully sequenced and ensures that children obtain the building blocks children need to move on to the next step in their learning.

The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home?
The ‘remote curriculum’ is the broad term encompassing any learning that happens outside of the classroom, with the teacher not present in the same location as the children.

At Greenfields, the aim of our remote curriculum is “that pupils know more and remember more.” Our curriculum has been adapted in so much that teachers are planning a sequence of learning that;
  • has a focus on the basic
  • ensures that key building blocks have been understood fully first
  • does not offer too much new subject matter at once
  • focuses on the most important knowledge or concepts pupils need to know and
  • reinforces and embeds learning and basic skills
The way in which our remote curriculum is delivered depends upon what content is being delivered and the age and stage of the children;

~ Online learning where the curriculum is delivered via technology such as seesaw, google classroom or zoom. This can include ‘live’ lessons as well as pre-recorded videos and or resources to support children’s learning to complete either online or in a paper-based exercise book at home.
~Paper based work books which provide practise of key aspects of the school curriculum such as arithmetic in maths and spelling or phonics in English.
~Sign posting families to external apps and websites that would further support engagement in remote learning via our website.
~Delivery of extra-curricular sessions via specialist teachers or coaches to enrich the children’s remote learning experience.

Today we have shared with you some further information on what to expect from us whilst your child is learning at home. Int his period of national lock-down it has been fabulous to see both the engagement and the quality of work by those children and families working at home. Well done to you all!

Take a look at the showcase below of the learning the children have been completing whilst at home.


...be original...

Greenfields icon1
This term the school value we will be focusing on is...

...be original..

~ never stop asking questions...seek out the answers ~

Be original is shown by the hands on our logo; they represent the importance of fostering our children to be questioning and evaluative of all they see and hear. This term you will see that children are encouraged to think originally about what they have learnt, develop an insatiable hunger for knowledge and question everything.


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FSM Vouchers

Thank you to our families who have shown such patience with us whilst we work through your concerns re: the food hampers with the Local Authority who are responsible for them. You will have no doubt seen that this issue has raised some significant media interest this week.

From next week we will be sending out some information to eligible families about the National Voucher scheme, as this is how we will be enabling this entitlement from now on.

We hope that this move to National Vouchers will allow families to choose products which suit their individual families better.


More 'zoom' sessions

As you know we have organised some really exciting specialist teachers to deliver PE and home learning on a Monday afternoon. Andy Cartwright from Andrew Cartwright Football and Wayne Dobson from High Tide Adventure have prepared some fantastic learning for you, we really look forward to you sharing your videos and photos with us! From next week, on a Tuesday and Thursday you will be able to access a wake up and shake up session delivered by Wideopen Soccer.

On Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes from 12, don't forget to join us for a lunch zoom with the whole class.

We hope that these extra sessions will help to add structure to your day and something for the children to really look forward to!

We will upload the links you need onto a word document which you can access via your online platforms.

High tide

Home Learning

Geography in Year 6
Geography Y6
Geography Y6 1
Year 2 - comprehension practise
Y2 reading
Reception - story writing
Rec little
Rec litt
Greenfields icon1

...be original...

“ ...don't be afraid of the answers, be afraid of not asking the questions..."

As an introduction to our new values focus for this term, we would like you to tell us something you have found out about because you really wanted to know the answer. It could be something that you discovered at school or that you researched at home.

You can share your stories with us via our social media platforms and via google classroom or seesaw.

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~ never stop asking questions...seek out the answers ~
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tea party

Reading recommendation

This enchanting book called 'Tea Party in the Woods' by Akiko Miyakoshi has more questions than answers! Based upon a tale that you will all recognise but with a really original twist- it's sure to become a firm favourite for all who read it!

REMINDER Communication

Ways to contact us at school:

We have set up new email addresses for individual year groups so that if you have a query for your child's teacher you can email the staff in that year group directly.

Nursery/Pre-school - EYFS2021@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Reception - Reception@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 1 - Year1@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 2 - Year2@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 3 - Year3@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 4 - Year4@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 5 - Year5@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
Year 6 - Year6@greenfieldsprimary.org.uk

Telephone:0191 643 2801

Telephone for absence: 0191 643 2801 - Please press 1 for the absence line, when prompted

If your child or a member of their household develops symptoms of COVID19 or you have received your test result, please use the email:

Office email for copies of letters or emails that you may have missed or general information about your child’s class:

parentsandcarers@ greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
This email is monitored by a member of the Senior Management Team. Please use this if you have a question or query which is specific to your child. We can then direct your query to the right person within school.

I’m always keen to hear any suggestions or comments about school, so that we can work in the best interests for all the children at Greenfields.

Please do not contact us via the gateway app as this is not monitored and we might not get to your query as quickly as you would like.

Staffing update

After a period of ill health Mrs Hally has decided to move on to seek new challenges and she wishes everyone involved at Greenfields a great success in the future. We would like to wish Mrs Hally well and good luck for the future.
Headteacher's blog can be found here

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