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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be brave, be original and be bold.

Mrs Gemma Robertson - Headteacher
Well done
Huge congratulations to our amazing Year 6 children who completed their KS2 SAT exams this week. They all showed determination and resilience in every test and tried their absolute best. We are so proud of them all.

Year 2 Forest School

year 2 forest school
Year 2 had their final Forest School session last week. They had great fun cooking sausages and toasting marshmallows.

Art at Greenfields

art lks2
Each year group is focusing on Art as this half term. The children have been learning different artistic skills and using them to create their own masterpieces. I'm sure you'll agree, we have some very talented artist at Greenfields.

Year 5 Science

year 5 science
Year 5 have been doing some brilliant science work. This week they worked together to create orbit models to better understand the cycle of night and day.
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Marie Tharp's father was a mapmaker, but by the the time she was grown, there wasn't much left to map... or was there? In fact, people knew almost nothing about the ocean floor, so Tharp decided to map the mysterious depths of the Atlantic. Although she faced many challenges, including being turned away from research ships because it was "bad luck" to have a woman on board, Tharp took bits and pieces of data from many sources to assemble the first map of the ocean floor — and discovered the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, evidence that helped prove the theory of plate tectonics. This fascinating story is sure to inspire children to seek out even more of the world's mysteries.

Ready For The World Awards

Our Ready for the World Awards celebrate when children, in Year 1 - Year 6, have demonstrated outstanding characteristics which will enable them to become successful learners of the future. Over the past two weeks those children who have been awarded a Ready for the World Award are:

1AW: Ester, Junior
Y3: Alfie, Sunny, Ethan, Francesca, Harrison, Neave, Ronnie, Sienna
Y4: Brooke, Luke, Mason, Abby, Hannah, Annabelle, Paige, Skyla
5DC: Billie
Y6: Kaiden, Ava, Chloe, Jack M, Eniola, Mason, Ben, Charlie, Harvey

Muddy Bairns

early years
Our early years children had great fun this week; a trip to the park, fun in the gym and so much more!

Name the Early Years Fish!

Nursery fish
Thank you to everyone who submitted their name suggestions for our Early Years fish. The winning names are:

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