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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be brave, be original and be bold.

Mrs Gemma Robertson - Headteacher

Year 2 & 3 Trip

Year 2 & 3 had a fantastic time at Washington Wetland Centre. They explored the site, completed challenges and worked incredibly well in teams.

Gosforth Nature Reserve Rangers

Every Thursday afternoon, Rangers from Gosforth Nature Reserve come into school to work with our Year 1 children in Forest School. This week, the children looked at the camera trap set up to catch the wildlife; they saw two foxes and a cat and were very impressed. The camera has now been moved to a new location to see what else they can find.

Learning Across School

At Greenfields we want to give the children the best learning opportunities and ensure that learning is real to them. Look at all of the learning that has been happening in school this week; timelines in history, using blocks to count in twos, data collecting in science, amazing artwork and a historical walk to the War Memorial for Year 2.
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We teach the children to celebrate their individuality and differences. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.
Two best friends (one of whom is imaginary) are inseparable until the day when one of them unexpectedly disappears.

What do you do when your imaginary friend goes away? Did you dream up the entire friendship? Maybe... But you miss her laugh, her comfort, and her silly mischief. It all feels so real... you couldn't have just imagined those things, right?
This picture book illuminates the sweetness of first friendship, the sadness when it's lost, and the beauty in discovering new friends are just around the corner.

Muddy Bairns

When we say our youngest children get messy and dirty we really mean it. Here's our children in Muddy Bairns exploring with paint.

Ready For The World Awards

Our Ready for the World Awards celebrate when children, in Year 1 - Year 6, have demonstrated outstanding characteristics which will enable them to become successful learners of the future. Over the past two weeks those children who have been awarded a Ready for the World Award are:

1BA: Daisy, Arthur, Layla, Rhys, Neave
2AW: Bailey, Dan, Harley, Inara, Georgie, Hayden
3KC: Oscar, Cole, Maisie, Harry, Kacey, Katie-Ann, MacKenzie, Damilola
4DL: Ella, Lottie
Year 5: Bobby, Maia, Abby, Chloe, Ela, Sophia, Ayla, Sophie
6EE: Lily, Nadeer, Freya, Joey, Naomi

Year 4 Skipping Festival

Year 4 are working on their skipping skills ready for the North Tyneside Skipping Festival. This week they were lucky enough to have a member of the skipping school team working with them. She commented on how well behaved and polite the children were and was very impressed with their skipping skills!

Year 6 Forest School

Year 6 have enjoyed their Forest School sessions this half term. This week they had a fantastic time, lighting fires, cooking sausages and scones and drinking hot chocolate.

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