You can do it, we’ll help you, we believe in you… we’ll do it together.

Well done, well done, well done… I could say that 100 times to you all. You made it! We made it. We can’t hide our excitement for having ALL the children back on Monday; I know that there will be some of you that will be looking ahead at next week with some trepidation, but please try not to worry.

The staff have been thinking really carefully about how to welcome back our school, so many of you have done so well, for so long with your home learning, this will be invaluable in settling your children back into our routine. A heartfelt thanks to you all.

It is our number 1 priority to make sure your children feel safe, supported and happy coming back to us on Monday and I know that if ever there were staff to go the extra mile, it’s those at Greenfields.

We all know your children will catch up, but right now they just need us to believe in them. Your children have been amazing… let’s do this together. See you ALL on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!