…when I grow up…

I wonder how many of the ‘grown-ups’ would say that they don’t actually feel very grown up at all. It’s a question we often ask children… “what do you want to be when you grown up?” Quite often, children are very quick to answer. This week we have seen our children immersed in things that may well become important to them as they ‘grow up’.

Watching the children take such care and responsibility (not to mention creativity) in their inventions for recycle week has been an absolute joy. I wonder how many engineers of the future we have in our midst. Likewise, with our visiting musicians- I saw children who couldn’t contain their excitement in hearing live music for the first time.

What was so particularly special is the way in which our children approached these two very different experiences- without hesitation, with energy, with enjoyment and without worry of failure. Quite often it is these attributes that we lose as adults. So, if these things are the preserve of children…. in the words of Walt Disney “…growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional…”

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!