We are Greenfields…

How did it get to July already? You must all be tired of me saying what at exceptional year it has been this year; but it really has.

Rather than to think about the challenges of this year, I just wanted to reflect with you all how exceptional your children have been throughout. How exceptional the support from our families and community has been and so to say thank you.

Throughout this year we have learnt an awful lot about what we are all capable of achieving if we work together. September marks an exciting new beginning for Greenfields in many ways. I know I for one, am extremely excited to see the children return in their new uniforms baring the badge which represents the real heart of our school. As a community you and we have embraced our new values and shown how important it is to us all to have these shared principles to unite us. Let’s not be daunted by whatever lies ahead for us, instead let’s embrace the opportunity it gives us.

I do hope that whatever your plans for the summer, whether it involves finding time to get away, or spending some much needed together time with those people you have missed out on in the last 18 months, I hope that it provides you all with the much needed rest and recuperation that is needed. I know our staff are very ready for their break; they thoroughly deserve it.

So lastly, a chance for me, on behalf of all of us at school, to reiterate the enormous thanks to you all for your unwavering support and for being there for us when we needed you. You have been, amazing, brave, original and bold.

Have an absolutely fantastic summer holiday everyone; we’ll see you all in September!