…speak up!

I have, as I know many people will have, been following the events of the football world very closely this week. Not, I hasten to add, because I am very knowledgeable about football- if you joined in for one of our zoom football sessions or saw me trying to dribble a ball across my office during wake up and shake up sessions you would understand exactly what I am talking about!… But because I was fascinated by the power of the collective voice. The European Super League has not come to fruition because, as I understand it, the collective voice has put a stop to it.

This allowed me to reflect upon how crucially important it is that we teach our children that they too have a voice and the way they can ensure that their voice is heard.  

Next week we will helping all children in school take part in The Big Ask- the largest survey of ‘child voice’ commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner to give their views about their future and what they’d like to see in it. I hope that it helps the children to feel empowered knowing that they are capable of changing a situation…

I’ll leave you with a comment I read which was made by Jurgen Klopp…

“Have empathy and give real support to the people around you, then everyone can act. That’s what leadership is, have strong people around you with a better knowledge in different departments than yourself. Don’t act like you know everything.”

…Isn’t it a good job that in a school we’re surrounded by children, who often have the wisest voices of all.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!