See the magic…

When I told the staff we were going to buy bikes for the children to use at school there were some sideways glances… “30 children on a bike at once?” …were the cries. But… as always, the staff took hold of this idea and went for it. At the end of each day where there has been a bike session, the staff have sought me out to tell me how enjoyable it was, how satisfying to see the children push themselves and really take up this challenge.

This idea of striving to achieve our dreams is something that has become part of the fabric here at Greenfields. Being encouraged, and supported to ‘get there’ is what being a child at our school is all about. So… you won’t be surprised that watching the children either pushing themselves to achieve, or helping someone else achieve during bike week this week has been nothing short of magic. This is the joy and privilege you get from working in a school.. these magic moments. Sometimes in life it can be hard to find… but not here at Greenfields, it’s all around.

We are already half -way through this term where we are focusing on our amazed… value. I wonder what other magic moments the children have in store for us?!

Have a magic weekend everyone!