This week I have been treated to a fabulous array of D&T projects. Since September we have been thinking really carefully about our curriculum and how to make sure that it gives children the passion and desire to continue learning into adulthood. This half term has been all about how we can solve big problems through clever design and thinking originally. We have had children experimenting with winches, axles, pulleys and even mini solar panels and in each case having to use what they know in a real life situation. When talking to the children about their ideas I’m never failed to be amazed by both their creativity but also their sensitivity to want to help others.

As each conversation has come to a close, I have asked each group of children the same question “…have you enjoyed it..?” Without fail, a resounding and overwhelming yes has been the answer. I know that this D&T learning will stick with them- they will remember what structures will be best to support a building from a natural disaster and why or the challenges of transporting water across an arid landscape because most importantly of all, they have had fun whilst learning. If you look at the faces in the picture below.. how could you disagree!

Have a fabulous weekend all!