Pictures speak a thousand words…

We did it! You, me, all of us!

It’s only been 29 school days since the 4th January when we found ourselves being plummeted into this ever-so-familiar, if very unwelcome lock-down position. However, we have had 29 days of laughter, learning and togetherness, culminating in a perfect day today which is nothing less than the children our families and our staff deserve.

Even if I do say myself, I think we’ve all out done ourselves this time.

We’re so proud of you and all you have accomplished; we hope you recognise the enormous achievement in being able to keep on going in the way you have.

We started this half term with a new school value as our focus:

…be original…

~ never stop asking questions… seek out the answers~

All of us, in all walks of life have had to find different ways of doing things often with very little notice. The silver lining in all of this, is that it has shown us how, when you are forced to question the status quo, you can be more creative, dynamic and flexible than you ever thought possible.

As with every end of term, I’m usually the last out of the building; I like it this way. The staff are so deserving of their holidays, I’m very glad to see them leaving early and going home to spend time with their families. It’s a good opportunity for me to start thinking about what we might need to be ready for next, but also to reflect on what has been.

My reflection has led me to this picture… what thousand words do you think it says? I think it sums up the last 29 days perfectly!

Enjoy your holidays everyone- no zooming allowed! See you all in a week!