Excluding the first week of term in September 2020, I think I probably had
one of the best Wednesday’s in my teaching career thus far this week. After I
had got over the slight panic of the lack of access to emails and a day less of
planning for getting to school ready for September, I arrived at school in my
trainers and with sun cream on as our Year 6 children did, ready for an

I’m very, very glad I did.

To give our children the opportunity to run, explore, and laugh; to forget
themselves and the difficulties of the past 15 months was truly magical. I have
seen first-hand on many, many occasions the fantastic benefits there are to
taking children into the great outdoors and to push them just that little bit
beyond their comfort zone.

If we’re not careful, this will be the generation that miss out. Miss out on
making the memories that stay will them forever. Miss out on the stories to reminisce
upon at 18th birthday parties. Miss out on the opportunity to become
independent (for just a little bit away from home) in some instances for the
first time.

Seeing the children getting a glimpse of this on Wednesday made me even more
determined and even more certain we will give our children those memories…and that’s
the funny thing about perspectives isn’t it? Even the things you really know
and believe in, sometimes, you have to observe first hand, for the importance
of why you believe it to confirm why you do what you do.

It also put into perspective that the emails and the planning can wait… for
1 day at least.

Thank you Year 6.

Have a fabulous weekend in the sun everyone!