…making memories…

“…as clear as a mirror shining like glass… down here the memories we can make…”

These are not my words, but lines taken from a sonnet written by one of our Year 6 children. I was treated to a performance of sonnets this morning. As I sat at my desk, grateful to be given the opportunity to listen for 10 minutes or so, it struck me how mature our Year 6 children are becoming and how proud I felt of them.  They performed their sonnets with expression and feeling, sensitive to the subject they had written about and with a lovely lyrical quality.

The line about making memories really stuck with me throughout the day, particularly as I watched the children playing outside, enjoying the sunshine or seeing our Muddy Bairns, faces beaming (covered in mud!) coming back from our woodland area after an afternoon of exploration.

It made me realise how important making those memories is for children is and how lucky the children at Greenfields are to have staff that are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure these precious times are filled with experience and opportunity that will broaden their horizons.

We have some exciting news to share with you which is all about making those memories… so look out for the letter next week.

In the meantime, enjoy making some memories of you own this Bank Holiday weekend.

See you all on Tuesday!