Magic number 54!

This half term has been the first one (in what feels like a long time) where there has been no Government disruption to the term. I had to check that fact with Mrs Robertson as to some extent, the last 7 weeks have been a blur!

..but what a fabulous blur!

We started this half term looking at our final school value:

be bold

~ you can change a situation~ become the explorer of tomorrow~

…and haven’t the children lived up to it! Over the course of this half term the staff have awarded no less than 54 Ready for the World Awards, which highlights your children’s readiness for learning and fulfilling our school values. It has been fabulous to see these children brimming with pride and achievement, ready to talk me through their work and why their teachers felt they had earned one of our prestigious awards. It is one of my favourite jobs of the week to write the personalised letters to accompany these awards, so that families too can share in the achievement.

As we think ahead the the final 6 weeks of the school year there is till plenty more exploring to be done. Its going to be a very busy one, so make sure you find the time to rest and recuperate over the holidays.

Enjoy the sunshine and look after yourselves and those around you.

See you all in a week!