“Enjoy your Easter break…”

“..Thank you Ryan I will!” Sometimes it’s the most simplest, unexpected things that really touch your heart. The end of term is always busy and today was no exception. Except for this afternoon- there was a gentle knock on my door and one of our children was stood with a note in his hand.

It really touched me that it he had taken the time to think of someone else.

It feels like I have said this 100 times this year already but this has been an exceptional term for so many reasons- those early days of ‘zoom’ and the steepest of learning curves for us all seem a lifetime ago. I don’t know what next term has in store for us, however, I do know the staff and I have been planning ways to make sure this final term is the best yet, to make sure the children have the chance to catch up on missed friendships, experiences and being part of our Greenfields community.

So as you begin the holidays, I wanted to let you know that we at school were thinking about all of you too… we hope you “..enjoy your Easter break- you must be looking forward to not being so busy…!”

See you all in two weeks!