Children, we’re making you a promise…

Perhaps predictably, I can’t help but share with you the scenes of sheer delight from children, staff and our parents at Powburn this week.  Seeing the children throwing themselves into the activities with such limitless enthusiasm reminded me what we are all about here at Greenfields.

We all know how important it is to give children the opportunity to experience firsthand a challenging situation which pushes them just that little bit out of their comfort zone so that when completed, they feel that rush that only comes with a genuine sense of achievement.

We want our children to leave our school with the academic skills that will open doors for them, yes; we also must ensure that our children leave our school with the skills that allow them to be successful adults and responsible citizens of our society. However, more important even that these, are the memories of what it is to be a child, the laughter and the sense of care-free enjoyment you only get in childhood.

Children, I hope we have fulfilled this promise to you this week.

One more week left!