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Supporting the children of Wideopen to be amazed, be original, be brave and be bold.

Mrs Ele Dobson- Headteacher

Values Ambassadors

...first public engagement

Last week I unveiled who had been selected to be the first ever Greenfields Values Ambassadors. This week they set about their first public engagement of the grand opening of the new Co-op in Wideopen. Their behaviour and conduct was outstanding; we are extremely proud of them. Well done.
MA pictures

GFPTA Greenfields Sponsored Walk

Tonight your child will be bringing home a sponsor form and a letter telling you all about the sponsored walk all the children will be doing during the last week of term. Not only will this bring to a close our half term focus on our value of ...be amazed, it is a fantastic opportunity for the children to get out and explore our local area. The walk will take place on the same day as your child's outdoor learning session. We will be going whatever the weather, so make sure you have a coat!


If your child’s date of birth is between 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017 you will need to complete an application for your child to start Reception Class. You need to make an application through your ‘home’ Local Authority. This is the
authority where you pay your council tax.

All the information you need is available on the North Tyneside website www.northtyneside.gov.uk

If you are unable to apply online you can complete a paper application. These are available from the school office or by emailing school.admissions@northtyneside.gov.uk

Ready for the World


This week we say a very big well done to the following children who have earned themselves a Ready for the World award. The children who gain these awards have demonstrated outstanding learning behaviours.

Maya in Year 1 ~ being amazing in Geography and Science
Sam in Year 4 ~ being amazing in P.E
Billy in Reception ~ being brave with his writing
Jamie in Year 6 ~ being brave in Maths
Lewis in Year 3 ~ being original in Science

Congratulations! We are very proud of you!
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Greenfields is amazed by POETRY

On Thursday it was National Poetry day. Children from Reception to Year 6 studied some classic poetry to link with our curriculum objective of "...be amazed ~ showing our children the finest examples of academia, the creative arts... giving our children the very best and varied examples from which to aspire."
Reception looked at ~Thackeray At the Zoo by William Makepeace
In Year 1 we looked at ~ Hurt no living thing by Christina Rossetti
In Year 2 we looked at ~ Song of the Witches by William Shakespeare
In Year 3 we looked at ~ Forgiven by AA Milne
In Year we looked at ~ Friends by Abbie Farwell Brown
In Year 5 we looked at ~ Miller's End by Charles Causley
In Year 6 we looked at ~ The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
The Year 6 poem looked at the themes of freedom. Look at this fantastic poem written by Joseph. #amazing


Nursery have been subutizing in the home corner this week. The children knew that there were three conkers without having to count them- amazing subutizing!


The children in Reception having been exploring the number 3. They followed some instructions and put three sweeties on the biscuits they were decorating. I bet they were tasty!
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...be amazed...

“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are reality in waiting. In dreams we plant the seeds of our future.”

This week can you show us what your dreams and aspirations are? Have you always wanted to master something? Are you learning a new skill outside of school that you could show us? We look forward to seeing how you are following your dreams!
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~stay curious and follow your dreams...never lose your sense of wonder~
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the lost words

Reading recommendation

Miss Evans from 5EE has done our reading recommendation for this week.
"This is one of my favourite books of all time- with beautiful illustrations of the wonder all around us it reminds us to take the time to appreciate the small things in life."

REMINDER Communication

Ways to contact us at school:

Telephone:0191 643 2801

Telephone for absence: 0191 643 2801 - Please press 1 for the absence line, when prompted

If your child or a member of their household develops symptoms of COVID19 or you have received your test result, please use the email:

Office email for copies of letters or emails that you may have missed or general information about your child’s class:

parentsandcarers@ greenfieldsprimary.org.uk
This email is monitored by a member of the Senior Management Team. Please use this if you have a question or query which is specific to your child. We can then direct your query to the right person within school.

I’m always keen to hear any suggestions or comments about school, so that we can work in the best interests for all the children at Greenfields.

Please do not contact us via the gateway app as this is not monitored and we might not get to your query as quickly as you would like.

New outdoor learning timetable

Please see information you received in an email this afternoon. There are some minor changes to the outdoor learning time table. Please make sure you come dressed in warm clothes as we go out whatever the weather!
Day for outdoor learning











Information for Parents

We have had some parental queries around children using toilets during the day. At the beginning of term we sent out to parents a timetable which shows dedicated time in which children are encouraged to use the toilets, this is because we must avoid the class bubbles mixing. If your child needs to go to the toilet at another time, they are of course allowed to go.
School Gateway
Please do not message via school gateway about your child's attendance. The attendance is reviewed weekly and so when you have rung school to explain your child's absence this reason will be added then. Please use the absence line for informing us that your child will not be in school.
Parking on the school site
Please can you ensure that you are parking respectfully and safely when dropping your children into school. We appreciate that the spaces on site are limited.
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Each class has its own twitter account where you will find regular updates about your child's classwork.
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