The staff at Greenfields are committed to ensuring that, not only are your children happy and safe whilst at school, but also that they grow and flourish into the best that they can be.

Staff List – Autumn 2019

We also think it is very important not to forget that we were all children once!

Mrs L Taylor
Mrs Dobson
mrs dobsonDeputy Headteacher
Mrs Cockman
cockmanAssistant Headteacher
Y5 Teacher
Mrs Wilsonshell Lower School Leader
& Y2 Teacher
Mrs Robertson
Upper School Leader,

SENCo Y6 Teacher
Mrs Hallymrs-hallySchool Business Manager
Mr Halliburton
halliburtonNursery Teacher
Mrs Anderson
ehodgesonReception Teacher
Miss Mee
Reception Teacher
Miss Cheel Year 1 Teacher Mr Coverdale
Year 1 Teacher
Mr Petherbridge
Year 2 Teacher
Mr Lumsdon
LumsdonYear 3 Teacher
Miss Smith
smithYear 3 Teacher
Mrs Armer
Year 4 Teacher
Mr BroadhurstblankYear 4 Teacher Mr Irving
IrvingYear 5 Teacher
Miss HeckelshecklesYear 6 Teacher
 Miss Evans
Mrs Turnbull

 Mrs Long
 Mrs Allan
Mrs Allan  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Beattie
beattie Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shearer
MRsShearer Higher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs GarnettMrs GarnettTeaching Assistant, HLTA Out of Hours Manager  Mrs GrahamgrahamTeaching Assistant HLTA  Mrs WilliamsblankTeaching Assistant & Forest School Lead
 Mrs Creedy
creedy Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dixon
dixon Teaching Assistant
Mrs H JacksonjacksonTeaching Assistant
Mrs WelshmrswelshTeaching Assistant Mrs Ayre
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Blakeblake Teaching Assistant

 Mrs C Jackson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Malone
mrsmalone Teaching Assistant Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Robinson
missrobinsonPre-School Manager

Mrs Howard

Out of Hours Club Assistant

Mrs Wheatley

After-School Club Playworker
Mrs Schoeman
mrsschoemannSenior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs CockburnmrscockburnLunchtime Supervisor Mrs Kemp
mrskempLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rickeardmrsrickard

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Winter
blankLunchtime Supervisor & Cleaner
Mr Watson


Ms Atkinsonmrsatkinson


Mrs S Wilson
blankAdministrative Assistant 
Mrs Weatheritt
blankAdministrative Assistant 

(Thursday & Friday)

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