In Science, we aim to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world, around them. In accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines, the children in each phase have experience of topics drawn from Biology, Physics and Chemistry. They learn to question and discuss how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will happen and analyse the causes.

In Reception the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum science is very much intertwined in everything they do and includes technology, people and communities and the world. They explore science topics, using their senses to develop their skills of observation, prediction and discussion.

In Key Stage 1 the children use practical, hands-on experiences, books, photographs and videos to look closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world and are encouraged to be curious and ask questions, and build on the foundation laid down in Early Years

By using scientific processes – observing, problem solving, pattern seeking, predicting outcomes of experiments and communicating findings in a variety of ways – the children begin to develop their understanding of scientific ideas.

In Key Stage 2, the children broaden their scientific view of the world by exploring, talking about, developing and testing their ideas. They then use their evidence, scientific knowledge and understanding to justify and explain their findings.

We believe that with the experience of scientific processes and a wide range of topics the children will be well equipped to meet the challenges of science work in their future school years and life beyond.

At Greenfields Primary we like to make our learning fun, even in our science and technology. We enhance our learning by going on visits, inviting science experts in and becoming involved in many local and national initiatives. Each year for National Science week we invited Technology Tom into school. Mr. Mulholland runs workshops and sets hands on practical challenges that are fun but teach quite complex science and technology concepts. We had a great deal of fun and learnt so much.

This year we were involved in the 7billion ideas project in which year 6 children entered a competition and come very close to winning with their innovative design, and year 5 children are working on a project to increase the numbers of pollinating insects by making areas in our school grounds insect friendly.

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