Reception Class RC

Welcome to Reception Class RC

Mrs Coyle is the Reception teacher who is also the Early Years Leader with overall responsibility for Pre-School, Nursery and Reception.

There are 2 Reception classes who work closely together, often sharing the classroom spaces. Our classroom space is divided into learning areas for planned play experiences, such as role play, writing, and construction. In these areas, we may follow our interests, develop lines of enquiry or practise new skills.

We have access to computers, iPads, Interactive White Boards and programmable toys.

Each morning, we have a Read Write Inc phonics lesson to learn our sounds. We practise how they can be blended together for reading words and broken down for spelling words.

We change our reading books twice a week and choose a library book to take home, too. We look forward to Fridays when we can earn a new certificate for reading key words.

We have our snack and milk in the morning and then fruit and water in the afternoon. We love to bake and take turns to cook each week.

Just before lunch, we have circle time, when children have the opportunity to share and talk about their work, feelings and behaviour. We value their contributions and celebrate their successes.

At the beginning of each afternoon session, we have great fun doing yoga. This helps to re-energise our minds and bodies ready to begin work again. Our exercises help our breathing, balance and strength.

We do maths in the afternoon, learning number, shape and measures through fun practical activities.

We have a timetabled weekly session in the gym and in the school hall to develop our skills in games, gymnastics and dance.

We try to do lots of learning outdoors, too. As well as the physically active challenges of the outdoors, we also have spaces dedicated to creativity, reflection, growing, and social communication.

At the end of each day, we come together to listen to stories, sing, dance or play music.

We enjoy having visitors in our classroom, who help us to learn more about our world, such as police officers and nurses.

Each child in our class is unique and beautiful, but together as a class we are a masterpiece!

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