English – Reading

At Greenfields, we believe that reading is the key to success.  We aim to foster a love of reading in our children through exposure to exciting, challenging and meaningful texts throughout the curriculum.

Our learning in English lessons is based on high-quality, engaging texts from EYFS up to Year 6.  This way we can introduce the children to books, genres and authors that they would not necessarily read otherwise.  We ensure that these texts link closely to our Enquiry planning in order to provide a coherent cross-curricular experience.  It also means that the children can explore the wider context of the text through their Enquiry lessons.  We aim to provide meaningful reading opportunities wherever possible, for example using books for the inspiration for SMART week.
Every child has a school reading book, which they are encouraged to change regularly.  We expect the children to read every day at home in order to support their learning and to build good habits for the future.  Follow this Booktrust link for information, hints and tips about reading with your child, whatever their age.
The learning of reading is split into word reading (decoding) and comprehension:

Word reading
Skilled word reading involves the ability to quickly work out the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words, and the speedy recognition of familiar printed words.  In EYFS and KS1 the children have daily phonics sessions, following the Read, Write, Inc. programme which focuses on word reading (decoding).  Follow this link to find out more about Read, Write, Inc


In order to develop good comprehension skills, children must have good linguistic knowledge (in particular of vocabulary and grammar) and a broad knowledge of the world. We develop our children’s comprehension skills though reading stimulating fiction, non-fiction and poetry which provide the basis for high-quality classroom discussion.  Explicit teaching of comprehension skills is done through materials we have developed ourselves.  This enables us to meet our children’s needs by using a wide range of texts that excite the imagination and broaden the mind.  Throughout the curriculum we plan enriching learning experiences, in and out of class, to widen the children’s knowledge of themselves and the world.
Follow these links to find activities, information and tips to support your child’s reading:






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