GCPS – Statutory policies and documents – October 2018

Please contact the school office if you would like a paper copy of any of the documents below. If you are interested in any policies that are not currently available on our website, please contact the Headteacher.

GCPS Accessibility Policy & Plan

GCPS Advice to Visitors

GCPS Behaviour Policy

GCPS Charging & Remissions Policy

GCPS Complaints – Guidance and Procedure

GCPS Equality & Diversity Policy & Single Equality Scheme

GCPS Home School Agreement

GCPS Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

GCPS Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy

GCPS Relationships & Sex Education Policy

GCPS Values & Vision Statement


Detailed below are the admission arrangements that have been determined by the Governing Body of Greenfields Community Primary School in accordance with the School Admission Code.


Admission Arrangements for 2018/19:

North Tyneside Admission Policy for First & Primary Trust Schools 2018/19

North Tyneside Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for First & Primary Schools 2018/19

GCPS Admission to Nursery Policy 2018/19


Admission Arrangements for 2019/20:

North Tyneside Admission Policy for First & Primary Trust Schools 2019/20

North Tyneside Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for First & Primary Schools 2019/20

For further information about school admission arrangements in North Tyneside, contact the Access Team by telephone: (0191) 6438724 or e-mail: school.admissions@northtyneside.gov.uk


Policies linked with Data Protection:

GCPS Data Protection Policy

GCPS Freedom of Information Policy

GCPS Data Breach Reporting Policy

GCPS Privacy Notice – Pupils

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