Our school meals are provided by North Tyneside Catering Services and are freshly prepared in the school kitchen every morning. They meet the rigorous school food guidelines set out by the Government and are designed to give children exactly the right kind of foods to keep them going until teatime, including lots of energy-giving carbohydrates and at least two of their ‘five a day’ fruit and vegetables.

All children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals, but you must complete an application form to register. If you do not complete a free meal application form you will have to pay for meals from Year 3.

School Meals Menus –  Schools have chosen either a hot or cold single choice menu that can be served in the classroom or the dining room or a combination of both to maintain pupil bubbles.
Your child will be provided with an individually packaged lunch that has been prepared with minimal handling.
This offer will include a provision for all children requiring a medically prescribed diet.

You can view or download the menu below, or you could go online through JOINOS ( www.joinos.com ) and choose to save the link through your smart phone so that you can see the daily menu whilst on the go.  The menu is also available on North Tyneside Council’s Website www.northtyneside.gov.uk, simply type the word menu into the search bar.

School Meals - Image

Paying for School Meals – JOINOS allows you to manage your child’s school meal account.  By using JOINOS you will be able to check meals taken, balances and make payments. Please ensure you pay in advance to avoid receiving an invoice at the end of each academic year.  Register for school meals here

New to JOINOS – Please e-mail catering.services@northtyneside.gov.uk  to request a JOINOS code, quoting your child’s name, school, year and class.

Food allergies & medically prescribed diets

Your child’s required diet needn’t prevent them from enjoying a healthy and tasty school lunch with their friends.


  • can provide tailored school lunches for children with particular dietary requirements or medically prescribed diets
  • currently produce over 300 special diets each day
  • work closely with dietitians and parents to meet children’s specific needs, including gluten, milk, egg and legume free meals

If you have any queries about school meals, please telephone North Tyneside Catering Services on 0191 643 2888