The school’s most recent Ofsted inspection took place in July 2013, when the school was judged to be Good.

Summary of key findings from the July 2013 Ofsted inspection:

  • Pupils’ achievement is good. Standards are above average. Pupils make good progress from their starting points.
  • Teaching is good overall and occasionally outstanding. Teachers use questions well, make it very clear to pupils what they are to learn and ensure work is well-matched to pupils’ individual skills and abilities.
  • The curriculum offers pupils many interesting opportunities to see the links between subjects. Pupils enjoy history, science, information and communication technology and art and a range of sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • The school offers excellent care and support and provides very well for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good. They care very well for one another and say they feel extremely safe. The school council is involved in making the school better for all pupils. Attendance is average.
  • Subject leaders have introduced initiatives which have improved teaching and speeded up pupils’ progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • The Headteacher and the governing body have a very clear understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They have very detailed information about pupils’ skills and abilities and have acted to improve teaching. As a result, attainment has risen. This is an improving school.

Click here to view the July 2013 OFSTED inspection report


A new Headteacher was appointed in 2014, so in July 2015, we invited the Local Authority to carry out a School Review to evaluate the quality of our school self evaluation. The findings of the Review were that the school’s self evaluation was accurate and that the overall effectiveness of the school is GOOD and improving. Click here to read the July 2015 LA School Review report


In January 2017, we invited Local Authority School Improvement Officers to spend two days in school to review again our self evaluation judgements about the overall effectiveness of the school.

The review team visited all classrooms and spent time looking at children’s work to gather evidence about their achievement. As well as observing children in class, they observed children around school, at breaktimes, at lunchtimes and in the dining hall. They also spoke to some parents/carers on the playground and to groups of children over the two days.

The findings of the Local Authority’s School Review are that the overall effectiveness of the school continues to be GOOD, with some clear examples of Outstanding practice. 

Some of the main points from the January 2017 LA School Review were:

  • Since joining the school, the headteacher, ably supported by a new senior leadership team, has shown inspirational leadership and brought about rapid improvement.
  • Governance has improved. The reconstituted governing body provides challenge and holds leaders accountable for pupils’ achievement and progress.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strong feature of the school. Pupils value and respect everyone equally, regardless of race, ethnicity or belief.
  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding, as is pupils’ behaviour. Pupils are polite, considerate and show impeccable manners.
  • Children in the early years get off to a good start. They enjoy coming to school and are very keen to learn about new things.
  • Teaching and learning have continued to improve. The quality of teaching is consistently good and on occasions outstanding. However, sometimes learning activities are not matched closely enough to pupils’ starting points.
  • Pupils’ outcomes continue to improve. New assessment procedures have had a positive effect. Pupils’ progress is tracked carefully and most pupils make at least expected progress.
  • The improved monitoring of teachers’ performance has resulted in staff being held more readily to account for the progress of their pupils. As a result, pupils are progressing at a quicker rate than previously.
  • Attendance is now in line with the national average. Pupils know how to stay safe.

Click here to read the full January 2017 LA School Review report

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