Welcome to Greenfields Nursery.

Mr Halliburton is the Nursery teacher. He works closely with the Teaching Assistants to give all of the children the best possible Nursery education.

In Nursery we use a variety of techniques to ensure your child receives a curriculum, tailored to their own needs and abilities. Children are robustly assessed on entry, through observations and activities, which are non-threatening to the child. This gives the teacher and teaching assistants a clear picture of where the children are in their stage of development and gives a firm baseline from which to plan each child’s next steps in learning.

The children also use ‘Plan, Do and Review’ in their learning. This is where the children select a sequence of up to three activities to be completed throughout the session and they record them on their own planning board. The adult discusses what the child would like to achieve in these activities and then at the end, the child is given the opportunity to discuss what they did, when the adult displays the photographs on the large board. This method of working allows the children to become more autonomous in their decision making and also covers many of the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Another method of learning that we use is ‘Mantle of the Expert’, where the children are given an open ended challenge, usually from a story character and the children take ownership of how to proceed with the problem, taking on roles and working together.

This year, the Morning Nursery 4 group have all started to learn letter sounds. We are learning one sound per week and we follow the Read, Write, Inc. phonics scheme.






Children, who will start their Reception year in school in September 2019 (known as the Nursery 4 group), have their 15 hours universal offer as 5 mornings from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Children, who will start their Reception year in school in September 2020 (known as the Nursery 3 group), have their 15 hours universal offer as 5 afternoons from 12:15 to 3:15 p.m.

We are also able to offer the 15 additionally funded hours to those Nursery 4 children whose parents/carers are eligible. These additional 15 hours are provided as 5 afternoons from 12:15 to 3:15 p.m.

Please contact the school office for more information about either the 15 hours universal offer or the 30 hours offer for working parents/carers.


Things to remember:

Your child can bring their book bag every day and put it on their peg. Please take any letters you are returning and hand them to the adult on the door.

You may change your child’s library book as often as they wish. Please return the books to the Library box in the cloakroom.

We go to the gym on Fridays. Please help your child to practise taking their shoes and socks off and putting them back on. We also ask that your child wears socks rather than tights on Fridays, if they find them tricky to take off and put on.


To find out more about the Nursery curriculum plans, please click on the link.

Here is a copy of our weekly timetable:

You could also visit the Nursery Twitter page: @GCPSNursery.

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