Measure It – Choose your difficulty and see if you can read the measurements of length correctly.
Long and Short (KS1) – Decide which item is longer or shorter to answer the questions.
Light and Heavy (KS1) – Decide which object is lighter or heavier to answer the questions.
Taking Measures – Choose capacity or weight and test your understanding of measuring accurately.
U Fix It – Help Ziff fix his house using measurements.

Area and Perimeter
Airlines Builder – Build different shapes using the pieces then launch your ship. Learn about the area and perimeter of each of your ships.
Shape Surveyor – Choose your difficulty and develop you ability to find the area and perimeter of a shape.

Bang On Time – Read the time in words then see if you can stop the clock on the matching time!
Stop the Clock – Match the digital and analogue clock times as quickly as you can.
Matching Analogue with Digital – Can you match the time given on the two different types of clock correctly?
Time and Clocks Word Problems – Challenge yourself with these simple word problems about time.
Hickory Dickory Clock – Send the mouse to the correct clock for the given time so the cat doesn’t catch him! 

Igloo Shopping – Choose the difficulty level and pay for items using coins to make the right amount.
Make 10p – Splat the hand with the correct coins to make 10p.
Money Payer – Look at the price of the item and pay for it with by selecting coins.
Sweet Shop – Choose some sweets to buy and then pay for them using the coins to the correct amount.

Reading Scales
Harbour Measurements – Help Molly load up the boat by choosing the parcel size asked for (KS1).
Help Hutch – Can you help Hutch to bake a cake? Work through the different games.

Weight Scales – Choose the difficulty and type in the weight you see on the scales.
Your Weight On Other Planets – Find out your weight on other planets.

Count Us In – Decide which jug holds the most liquid.
Can You Fill It? – Choose different sized pots to fill a container in the least number of pours.

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