English – Writing

At Greenfields we believe that children enjoy writing and are successful when writing for a purpose.  Regular opportunities are given to write using Enquiry or book based themes to give the writing a context.   Throughout school we teach specific text types and always use relevant and appropriate texts as a model to develop the children’s understanding of the genre.  We analyse the structure and language features of the text and regular spelling, punctuation and grammar sessions ensure that the children are well prepared for their own composition.

The application of previously taught genres and text types are revisited in Enquiry work allowing the children to apply their skills to theme linked writing activities.

We strive to develop and extend the children’s vocabulary.  Teacher modelling is an integral part of ensuring that children are prepared for their own compositions.  To extend the children’s vocabulary, we ensure that they read as often and widely as possible.

Every classroom has an ‘English Working Wall’ designed to support and consolidate the children’s learning.  The walls provide hints and tips, examples of rich vocabulary, spellings, collaborate work by the children in groups or talk partners – everything the children need to be successful.

Writing is thoroughly marked giving detailed feedback and prompts support children in moving their learning forward.

KS1 & KS2 Core Subjects – English programmes of study

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