We believe the best way to teach children to love learning is to teach them to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and know that we never stop learning. Rather than simply praising success we praise effort and persistence. Our children recognise that effort, persistence and making the most of learning opportunities are what help them improve.

This approach links with how we mark work and give feedback too: we always mark with the idea of ‘Going for Gold’ in mind, so that all learning for all children, is seen as a way to grow.

If children have fixed mindsets they find it hard to cope if they think they can’t do something or make a mistake: we teach our children to think about mistakes in a good way, because they provide us with learning opportunities. This has a really positive effect on how children approach learning and support each other, e.g. we don’t have set ability groups that are fixed for the year and children strive to improve their PB (Personal Best) rather than having ‘coming top of the class’ as their goal.

To support children with their learning we are trying to promote good ‘Learning Habits’ – you can read all about them by clicking on this link: GCPS Learning Habits