Homework is part of our Home/School Agreement here at Greenfields. We believe that it provides a good opportunity for children to take some responsibility for their own learning, whilst involving their parents and carers.

Homework also plays a part in our merit system in school. It is important for children to remember to do their homework and bring it back to school so that they can earn all their Homework Merits.

Weekly homework is in three parts – reading, maths and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Each year group has a suggested time allowance according to their age so that the homework does not become an onerous task. Homework is handed out on a Friday and returned on a Wednesday.

Our half-termly homework ‘Take-away Menu’ is optional. Children can work on tasks from the ‘menu’ in their own time and can return the work at any point over the half term. They do not need to complete all of the tasks unless they wish to. The homework ‘Take-away Menu’ is sent out on the first Friday of each half term.

Here’s an example of one of our homework ‘Take-away Menus’: