At Greenfields we provide a broad, balanced and progressive music curriculum which is integrated into other areas of the curriculum where appropriate.

We use the North Tyneside Music online ‘Charanga’ programme which is an interactive ICT package to deliver music lessons in an innovative and engaging way. As well as these music lessons, children sing each week in assembly and as part of school performances and productions.

Each child is recognised as having different abilities and aptitudes. Children are encouraged to make individual progress during music lessons through a range of activities, irrespective of their starting level.

Children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (e.g. ukele or djembe drum) taught by a music specialist as part of the Wider Opportunities scheme.






Every year, we invite a music specialist to do a whole school music day, that involves the children learning and performing something completely new. When we had our Music Vocals day, Reception and KS1 children learnt ‘Little Red Tractor’ and KS2 children learnt a verse each of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. The day ended with a whole school performance.

IMG_0138We love singing, our school choir even performed at the Sage in Gateshead!





Every Thursday, we have a whole school singing assembly. Sometimes we learn new songs (some with actions!) and sometimes we practice old ones, then we start or end all of our other assemblies in the week with a song to put us in a good mood and set us up for the day! Singing really is an integral part of our school day at Greenfields.

DSC00457A guitar teacher comes into school every Tuesday afternoon to teach guitar to children who choose to pay for lessons.





SAM_2733There is usually a music vocals or musical theatre course for any of the children to attend during Greenfields University time. We also love to celebrate individual achievements in music, there are often music PBs (Personal Bests) given out in our Friday Achievers’ assembly.

We really do enjoy music at Greenfields!


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