At Greenfields we provide a broad, balanced and progressive music curriculum which is integrated into other areas of the curriculum where appropriate.

We use the North Tyneside Music online ‘Charanga’ programme which is an interactive ICT package to deliver music lessons in an innovative and engaging way. As well as these music lessons, children sing each week in assembly and as part of school performances and productions.

Each child is recognised as having different abilities and aptitudes. Children are encouraged to make individual progress during music lessons through a range of activities, irrespective of their starting level.

Every Thursday, we have a whole school singing assembly. Sometimes we learn new songs (some with actions!) and sometimes we practice old ones, then we start or end all of our other assemblies in the week with a song to put us in a good mood and set us up for the day! Singing really is an integral part of our school day at Greenfields.

We are so lucky to have Anita this year; she has been working with the children of Greenfields since September and worked her way around each year group learning a song. We will be performing these songs soon in a whole school concert! Anita has also been teaching our Year 5 children recorder and they are doing so well!

We have Ten Pieces day every year at Greenfields. Each class is given a piece of music, we listen to the music and get inspired we do a piece of writing, art or create something from the music.

A guitar teacher comes into school every Tuesday afternoon to teach guitar to children who choose to pay for lessons. They really enjoy this and are making excellent progress!

We also have lots of opportunities to do music during Greenfields University time. We currently have a singing course and drumming course.

Greenfields have their own choir and we practice every Monday after school. Last year we sang at St Columbas church. We have two performances coming up where we will be singing Christmas carols. Everyone is so excited!

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