In Geography at Greenfields we aim to stimulate children’s interest, initially in their immediate environment and subsequently in other environments on the earth’s surface. We hope to foster a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around and thus to develop an informed concern about the quality and care of the environment. Throughout the geography curriculum we also aim to educate children about the global goals and steps we can take to help implement these vital measures.

Our Geography curriculum is designed to:

  • Increase children’s knowledge and understanding of their own locality, the E.U. and contrasting localities in the wider world that will help them set local, national and international events within a global context.
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of features, physical processes and change in their immediate environment and other localities which they study.
  • Enable children to understand and compare the physical and human characteristics and processes e.g. weather, settlement, transport and employment in different localities.
  • Enable children to appreciate and compare the environment and to understand how and why people seek to manage and sustain environments and to identify ways in which damage can be repaired.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to identify and investigate important cultural, social and environmental issues with sensitivity to people’s attitudes and values.
  • Help children to develop an understanding of the nature of multi-cultural and multi-ethical societies and a sensitivity to cultural and racial prejudice and injustice.
  • Develop competency in using maps, atlases, photographs, fieldwork techniques and to develop skills appropriate to geographical enquiry e.g. the ability to observe, analyse and communicate, to gather and interpret information and use ICT to support their learning where appropriate.


In 2018, we were awarded the prestigious Primary Geography Quality Mark. It is a highly valued award which recognises and promotes quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools.

Our school is committed to the importance of an international dimension to our curriculum and was re-accredited with The International School Award in 2018. The award recognises that at Greenfields we promote global citizenship and celebrate cultural diversity. Our pupils engage in meaningful and stimulating communication with their peers in Australia and Bermuda. We also address global issues and focus termly on one of the UN Global Goals for sustainable development.

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